Das ist der Mann, dessen Kinder so nett sind.

English Translation

That’s the man whose kids are so nice.

Dessen agrees with der Mann, and not die Kinder? That is why it is ‘Dessen’ (Mas,Neu) and not ‘Deren’ (Fem, Plu)?

Yes, correct. The relative pronoun agrees with the noun in the main clause.
Or with one of the nouns, compare:

Das ist der Mann mit der Kuh, dessen Augen so braun sind. (man’s eyes)
Das ist der Mann mit der Kuh, deren Augen so braun sind. (cow’s eyes)

Sorry, could not think of an more useful example :thinking:

English Translation


Why exactly is this “Man” instead of “Mann”? My instructor emphasized that they are not interchangeable.

Could you please elaborate what you mean? I don’t see “Man” being used in the German sentence.

This seems to be another case of the “new comment getting attached to unrelated old thread”-bug.

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