Danke fürs Mitnehmen.

Spanish Translation

Gracias por el aventón.

Why is it capitalized?

It’s nominalized. You can take almost any verb infinitive in German and use it as a noun:

fahren = to drive (verb)
das Fahren = the driving (noun)

organisieren = to organize (verb)
das Organisieren = the organizing (noun)

Note that the resulting word is almost always a “das” word when you nounify a verb in German.

And now we can try to understand this clozemaster sentence:

mitnehmen = to take something/someone with you (verb)
das Mitnehmen = the taking of something/someone with you (noun)

danke fürs Mitnehmen = thank you for the taking of something/someone with you (literally)


Thank you very much!

This is very helpful information. I looked up the word as a noun in the dictionnary and couldn’t find it, now I know the reason.


As a native speaker, I confirm everything @Lernen_und_Fahren said.


And in case it wasn’t obvious:

fürs (or “für’s”) = für das

So the definite article “das” is a hint that “Mitnehmen” is a noun.