Dags att sticka.

I understand that “time to go” is the correct translation - but am confused by “sticka”. Does it not mean to knit / stick / sting etc. How does it mean “go” please.

sticka is good, colloquial. I don’t know the etymology of this intransitive usage. You can also say dra, but that is even more slangy.


I think some of these sentences need a special “colloquial” flag on them! My head may hurt less then. :flushed:

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The problem is that the Tatoeba contributors don’t always pay attention to levels of style when translating. Clozemaster will also use translations of translations when no direct translation is available.

Understood. But i find these type of discussions really helpful in understanding why things are as they are (the Duolingo discussions are very heavily populated and useful). If it’s any consolation - hopefully the next person along won’t ask you the same thing.