Czy to wszystko, na co cię stać? (Question)

The English translation is given as ‘Is that the best you can do?’ Would a better translation here be ‘Is that the best you can afford?’ Usually the sentence construction ‘stać… na to’ is used to express ‘… can afford it’. Should it be the same in this context? Thanks!


This is actually an idiom, so it shouldn’t be understood literally. Both the sentence and the translation look good to me – when someone says “Is that the best you can do?” in an English-language action film, the Polish translation is usually exactly this.

Another way of translating the “stać na” idiom would be “to be capable of”. So if someone says “stać cię na więcej”, it could be translated into English as “you’re capable of achieving greater things” (but more likely, simply as “you can do better”).