Czy dobrze ci się układa z twoim szefem?

Can anyone explain a little more about the verb ‘układać się’. In the CM English translation, the interpretation given is ‘to get along’ with someone. I looked up the ‘układać się’ in a dictionary and the meaning is given as ‘to fall into place’. In the context of this sentence (and in general) does ‘układać się’ therefore suggest that ‘to get along’ with someone, in the sense of some submission to the other person? e.g. ‘I get along with my boss (by obeying all his/her rules)’. Or can it also refer to two good friends, in an equal relationship, who simply ‘get along’ because they have similar personalities and interests? Thanks

Good question! “Układać się” is similar to “to get along with” in the sense that it’s an idiomatic expression that refers to the quality of our relationship with someone.

It can be used to describe pretty much any long-term relationship—with your boss, your spouse or a friend. It does suggest some level of “seriousness” though, so it sounds wrong if you say “układa mi się z nim” about someone you rarely interact with or have just met for the first time. You can use it when talking about equal relationships, as well as those where submission is expected of one of the parties.

I guess the best way to describe this would be: when you say “układa mi się z X”, you say that the two of you get along, but you also imply that the relationship between you and that person is somehow important to you, and probably requires some effort.

Come to think of it, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you like each other. Someone saying “dobrze układa mi się z moim szefem” could just mean that the boss appreciates their efforts and treats them well, which makes that person satisfied with the quality of the relationship.

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Note ułożyć (-żę -żysz ułóż) (pf), (impf) układać (-am -asz) = to arrange, lay, settle. ~ się = to work out, settle down, get along (with)