Cyrillic imports

I have been trying to make some custom collections in Ukrainian, and I run into the following two problems:

When trying to create a pronoun collection, and entering especially short pronouns such as “з”, “у”, “в”, “на”, “за”, “під”, etc. the cloze is frequently assigned to part of a word. e.g. замість за тебе, could become {{з}}амість за тебе or {{за}}мість за тебе

When automatically assigning a cloze within a session: the sign ’ is taken as a sentence end. For example, with “I remember”: я пам’ятаю, the close assigned could be я {{пам}}‘ятаю or maybe even я пам’{{ятаю}}, when it should be я {{пам’ятаю}}

Could these things be looked into and fixed?