Ćwiczę, żeby utrzymać formę. (Sentence Note & Question)

  • ćwiczyć ‑czę ‑czysz impf, pf poćwiczyć = to drill, train.
  • & się = exercise, practice, train

Some help please …

  • The Eng CM trans = ‘I work out to stay in shape’.
  • Should the Polish sentence be ‘Ćwiczę się, żeby utrzymać formę’ ? Thanks!

The dictionary entry you posted seems a bit odd to me. The reflexive “ćwiczyć się” is not something you’re going to see often, if at all. If you’re referring to physical exercise, just “ćwiczyć” will always be the right form.

The same goes for most other activities that you can practice (“ćwiczyć grę na pianinie” = “practice playing the piano”, etc.).

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Thanks, I did wonder about the dictionary entry on this one, as I’ve never seen ‘ćwiczyć się’ used in any of the sentences on CM, so far. After I read the dictionary entry if wondered if perhaps ‘ćwiczyć’ operated as a transitive verb, e.g. to train/drill someone else whereas ‘ćwiczyć się’ operated intransitively e.g. to train/drill (oneself), in other words, to exercise or practice something. But of course, I accept your comments that it simply doesn’t work this way. Thanks for the clarification!