Custom cloze sets — "chunks" too big for multiple choice


Is there any way to have the texts in custom cloze boxes automatically resize if bigger than a certain size? I’ve got a pic attached as an example:

As you can see, it cuts of the chunk I’d created. Also, there used to be a feature to have other custom cloze words/ chunks as possible answers in the multiple choice section as opposed to just random words. Is this feature still available?

Also waiting to hear back about a listening only “review” mode :smiley:


Hello! Thanks for letting us know - this should now be fixed such that the phrase should wrap. Please let us know if you’re still seeing it get cut off.

Should have it back up / available within the next week or so.

We’d definitely like to do this one, but it may still take some time. We’re thinking it’d be most useful on the mobile app - are you thinking it’d be useful on the web as well?

Also to be sure, the idea would be you could just listen to the audio for sentences you’ve already played at random with pauses in between, kind of like a playlist on shuffle, no points or review due date changes, simply for some extra listening practice - is that what you have in mind as well?

Thanks again!