Custom cloze-collections now in beta for Pro subscribers! 🎉

Hello cloze masters!

I’m excited to announce that custom cloze-collections are now in beta! :tada:

This feature allows you to create and play your own collections of cloze-sentences. You can currently add sentences via:

  1. Manual input (you add the sentence, select the missing word, add the translation, and a pronunciation if you’d like)
  2. File upload (TSV tab-separated value files)
  3. Searching and selecting Clozemaster sentences
  4. Submitting a word/phrase list and having Clozemaster auto-select sentences with the given words/phrases as the missing word
  5. Submitting a text and either adding the sentences from the text to your collection or using Clozemaster sentences auto-selected from the words in the text

You can see some screenshots here, Imgur: The magic of the Internet.

The goal of this feature is to give you more control over your learning, as well as allow you to create and play collections for topics and grammar we don’t yet cover.

Cloze-collections are currently only available for languages where cloze-reading is available (the same technology is used to auto-clozeify sentences) and they’re currently only visible to Pro subscribers. This feature is still very much in beta, so please let us know what we can do to make it better and more useful as well as if you notice any bugs. :bug:

Here’s some of what’s on the to-do list at the moment:

  • Ability to reset progress
  • Ability to ignore sentences (when playing shared collections)
  • Notification or email when sentence processing is complete (for example when adding sentences from a text)
  • Being able to specify multiple choice options for a given sentence

Looking to forward to hearing what you think, as well as if there’s anything we should add to the to-do list. Thanks for playing and happy language learning! :slight_smile:


Hi team,

I was wondering roughly when we might expect Cloze-Collections to find its way over to Korean? I’d like to load an Anki deck when possible.



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Hi Karab,

Thanks for the post! We’ve just added Cloze-Reading and support for Cloze-Collections for Korean - interested to hear what you think! We’re also aiming to get a bunch more sentences, the Fast Track, and Grammar Challenges added for Korean within the next few months.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything else we can do to improve Clozemaster. Thanks again!


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Awesome! Thanks for replying so quickly and making it happen!


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Question: I created a Cloze Collection and marked it public. However, when I click “View all Cloze-Collections” (for shared decks) nothing pops up. Will it populate after some time or does a collection that the user creates not display as a shared collection?

Hi! Sorry for the slow reply and thanks for trying out the cloze-collections! A collection that the user creates does not display as a shared collection like you mentioned. Only collections that you’re not already playing will be shown there.

How are you liking the cloze-collections? What can we do to make them better?

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I am using this feature. It would make life soooo much easier if I could highlight a word or phrase, click a button and have the cloze brackets automatically be added, instead me having to manually type the brackets in. (It think with Anki has this feature.)

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Awesome awesome awesome!!! This is the feature that made me sign up for Pro!

I’ve started playing with it and I love it - it’s very well-thought-out with all of the different ways to add sentences!

I do have a few suggestions for improvement:

  1. Allow searching within your own custom collection, and/or sorting the collection by the time each sentence was added. When you add five new sentences and you have to dig through 11 pages of your existing sentences to find them, it can take a while!

  2. Sometimes when I add a Clozemaster sentence to my collection, I edit it to change which word the cloze is, or maybe slightly change the English translation of the sentence. This means that Clozemaster no longer pronounces the sentence . It would be nice if there was a way to have Clozemaster still use its audio for these sentences, since the actual Dutch words of the sentence Clozemaster would be pronouncing haven’t changed.

  3. For publicly shared collections, it would be nice if there was a way for people using one I made to contact me, so I could say “If you find a mistake, please send me a message!” in the collection notes.

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Sorry, I took a bit of a break and haven’t used them in a while :rofl: I originally needed to import an Anki deck because the selection of Korean sentences at the time were not great if I’m honest; it had a lot to do with the cloze words being the right difficulty but the rest of the sentence being filled with uncommon or obscure words which makes it way harder to translate the whole sentence. I hope that’s changed and has gotten better.

I’ll let you know when I get back to it. The idea is very promising because it allows me to essentially do Anki here rather than use Anki–which is a compliment to your staff since it can out-compete Anki if done right. For these next two months I’m heavily focusing on Spanish again though.

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Is it intended that the points you earn for practicing a custom cloze collection don’t get added to your overall score? I created one today for a verb I’m having trouble with. It tallied up my points as I was playing, but they didn’t change my weekly or overall total.

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I just tried this myself with my Korean Cloze Collection with the same results. It claimed I got X points but my overall score, my Korean score, nor my daily points goal were updated with those points.

Is this a protection against point-inflation (gaming the system)?

Just found this in the web bugs section


Thanks, karab - I didn’t think to check there.

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Neither did I. I just happened to stumble upon it after reporting a bug. :sweat_smile:

I’m very excited about custom cloze-collections! Thanks for adding it.
Unfortunately, it’s not currently available for my target language, Czech. I know Czech is not a very popular language so I’m wondering if there’s any kind of timeline for adding cloze collections to the smaller languages?

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I also would like to know when if ever we will see this feature for courses that do not have it yet, especially smaller courses that do not have many sentences to begin with. It seems like it would be a great feature for such courses.

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Any news on Cornish and/or Manx?

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Cloze-collections should now be available for all languages! :tada: Please let me know if you notice any issues or there’s anything that can be improved.

Cloze-collections are also now available in the mobile app! :iphone: :raised_hands: Same there - any bugs or feedback please let me know.

Thanks for all the feedback so far! More updates on the way. :slight_smile:

@SteCymru14 Cornish should be doable, I’ll work on getting that added and will let you know. Manx unfortunately doesn’t yet have enough sentences on Tatoeba to be worthwhile.

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Yay!!! Thank you so much!

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Is there any way to supply the four Multiple Choice options for a cloze in a custom collection? Custom collections are a great feature, btw.