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I got hold of a 5,000 sentence pack from Anki, and I prepared it for upload. There were maybe 20 or so sentences that did not have a cloze, so I went through the 100 pages (50 sentences per page) to add these manually. I got to the end, but the ‘save’ button was still greyed out. I went through the 50 pages again, but didn’t come across any other missing clozes - could be I missed them, could be there was none. Who knows. By this point I had had enough. I closed my browser and lost the upload, so need to start the whole thing from scratch.

I like most things about Clozemaster, except the quality /content of some of the sentences. I find some of them a bit weird, and there’s quite a lot about god, death, killing etc, so I was looking for to start creating my own decks reliably.

To add, my CSV didn’t have any clozes, it was basically the sentence, the translation and a number for notes.

Anything I could do to ensure this doesn’t happen again? I don’t really feel like splitting the file into smaller uploads, but I suppose that’s an option.


Sorry for the trouble! Might you be willing to send the CSV to mike@clozemaster.com? I’ll try making some improvements either way, helpful to see what you were seeing though.

We’re also working towards moving the god, death, killing, etc. NSFW sentences to a separate NSFW collection for each language pairing. We haven’t found a good fully automated way to identify these sentences though, so we’ll have humans involved, but that just means it will take some time.

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Thanks Mike. Unfortunately I didn’t keep the file, but I remember some of the sentence being duplicates - not sure if that would have an impact on the cloze being created…

Anyway, despite Clozemaster being a lot more enjoyable to use, I don’t think I can deal with the problems uploading CSVs, as well as the inability to move sentences between decks, create sub decks etc, and Anki does these things pretty much flawlessly.

Thanks again.

No problem! I think we have a solution that we should be able to get pushed up within the next couple days, namely a way to show just the sentences with an issue, as well as a fix for the sentences coming through missing a cloze (the dashes in some of the French words were throwing off the clozeifier).

Totally understandable. We’ll get the CSV upload sorted for sure, and we may get some of those features added, but Anki is a great resource and seems like a better fit for that level of advanced customization/complexity.

I found issues with automatic recognition in slavic collections too.

  • The ‘ sign is taken as the end of a word, probably because this is different from Romance alphabets.
    E.g. {п}‘ять instead of {п‘ять}
  • when searching words, regularly I find cases where the string is cut out from a word. E.g. {мушу}ть instead of {мушуть}.

I have mentioned this elsewhere but it didn’t get picked up so far I think…

I have also seen issues with importing Romanian sentences with maybe about 1 in 20 sentences not getting an automated cloze assigned. I can only assume this is somehow related to Romanian letters like ă ț and ș, But nor sure.

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