Counter For Radio Mode

Hey guys!!! I’ve been using Radio mode in the car a lot, it’s a great way to practice pronunciation. I always turn on sentences I have never seen before. If I can hear them out loud and repeat them once, even before seeing it come up in game mode, I might remember it. It’s really useful.

Anyways, I think It would be cool to have a counter for Radio mode. Every close card that goes by, would increment the value by 1. Perhaps the counter could reset every day. “RADIO CLOZES DONE TODAY: 500”.

Maybe you could even set a daily goal for Radio mode specifically.

I really like Radio mode, I use it whenever I can’t use my hands. I would just like a way to see… “oh, I just did 15 sentences in Radio mode”. I like to track my day to day progress like that.

What do you think? A counter for Radio mode? Why not? Does anyone else love radio mode too?



Yes, I love radio mode too.
Personally, even if there is a counter or a goal, I know in advance that I won’t use it.

I use radio mode punctually, when I have 10 minutes on the train, etc. so I won’t fix a daily goal, nor a counter.

And on contrary to classic mode where we have to be active, what happens for example if a start radio mode and just let the app awake for hours, without even listening (ok, it’s something stupid, but it can happens with some people)

That would be cheating. That’s not cool man. Chi bara non prosperà.

There should be a message that pops up after every 10 minutes or so. “Still using Radio mode? Click yes to continue”.

The same way Netflix does after you watch 3 episodes and don’t touch the remote. That solves your problem.

oh yeah, great idea this popup :slight_smile: !

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