Conosciamoci di nuovo presto.

[details=“English Translation”]Let’s meet again soon.[/details] Doesn’t “conoscere” mean meet as in for the first time, i.e. “get to know?” How do you “meet” someone again? I’ve noticed that conoscere and incontrare are used too interchangeably in this app.


Ehilà @hab638 - perhaps we could also use “Rivediamoci presto”. It will be interesting to know which is the more general way of saying it.

A dopo…


This sentence makes no sense in Italian.

I think this stems from the common “translation” of “Nice to meet you” as
“Piacere di conoscerti/conoscerla”.

It is only a translation in the sense that it is just a sentence used for a similar occasion.

“Piacere di conoscerti” means “it is a pleasure to (get to) know you”, or “to make your acquaintance”.
“Conoscere” does not mean “to meet”.

I would use what @Floria7 suggests as a proper translation of “Let’s meet again soon”.

A more literal translation would be “Incontriamoci di nuovo presto”, but I don’t think it would be used in normal conversation.


Maybe in the following situation:

(Once we were lovers. But now you have been away for five years.)
Let’s get to know each other anew soon.

Would “Conosciamoci di nuovo” then be justified?

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This has been bothering me for a while, so I actually contacted the user who entered this in Tatoeba. He is a native Italian, so there must be some explanation. I’m thinking you’re right that it’s spoken between two people who have lost touch and could be translated as, “Let’s get re-acquainted soon.” (since there is no time for that now). I will update when I get a reply.


I would use “facciamo conoscenza” in that case. Still, it would be an odd sentence.

My guess is that the translator may be native Italian, but does not (or did not, at the time of the translation) master English all that well.

“Rivediamoci presto” is the most natural translation I can think of; “Incontriamoci di nuovo presto” is a bit more literal, and it could be used too.


[details=“English Translation”]Let’s get re-acquainted soon.[/details] My response from the Tatoeba user who originally posted it: “I deleted the sentence because it doesn’t have much much meaning, because of your explanation, I must have added it without thinking more properly; thanks for the feedback.”