Come potrei mai fidarmi di voi?

English Translation

How could I ever trust you?

I need a confirmation of my understanding of reflexive fidarmi in this sentence as an emotional involvement of the person speaking. Will the meaning of it be the same if it read as: Come potrei mai fidare di voi? without much emotion involved? Would the meaning of it be the same, and is it grammatically correct?

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No, in the second case correct is “Come mi potrei mai fidare dì voi”.


Grazie GiuseppeBG, this is a tricky one.

Spanish Translation

¿También puedo venir yo?

Corrijanme si me equivoco pero se usta esta expresión? Por mi parte yo diría ‘tambien puedo ir yo?’

Welcome :slight_smile: are you learning Italian from Spanish? I’m not sure if you’ve ended up in the correct sentence discussion, because your sentence seems to mean something quite different (“Can I come too?”). This happens sometimes with relatively short sentences (of under circa 15 or 20 characters).