Cloze reading

I got a questionnaire recently about this feature and although i had tried it before it hadn’t become a habit like fast track has. So i tried it again.

It would be nice if i could select difficulty on random texts. If this is possible i didn’t see how. Apparently i can either go to a particular topic and choose specific texts, or if i use the random option they come from all over and there’s no difficulty selection.

Actually i just tried again and the random text option seems to be gone! not sure if i imagined it…

The other thing i noticed is that the default tts was really bad. I tried all of the voices and i settled on something tolerable, but there was nothing as good as what you get in the fast track.

Edit: last point is probably language specific so i’ll mention it was for German in my case.

For the Fast Fluency Track, Clozemaster uses a voice that is stored on the Clozemaster servers. That voice is pretty good (although I can speak only for the languages I’m myself learning).

For the Cloze Reading, however, Clozemaster uses the voices that are installed on your own computer. The good voice from Fast Fluency Track seems to not be available here, unfortunately. And the voices on your own computer are language specific, as you said. They vary in quality quite a bit: between different languages and within the same language.

What you can do is to install additional, better voices or “higher quality versions” of the voices you have currently installed. How you would do this depends on whether you use macOS, Windows, etc. on the desktop or iOS or Android on mobile.