Cloze-Listening: Reporting Criteria?

I am very much enjoying the Cloze-Listening feature in beta for Italian. Fantastic for improving my Italian listening skills!

Because the content is relatively unedited however, there are some sentences that are actively negative for my learning path. I know of course that sentences with excessive noise, or unintelligible speech should be reported. However, I also find I am reporting sentences in which the Cloze is an English word - merely presented with the accent of another language.

Names are the best example of this — such as the classic Italian phrase: “Elvis ________” with “Presley” as the Cloze (yes, an actual example), but also proper names, titles, etc. Another example I came across today is the following: “Fu una delle dieci finaliste del concorso "“Miss ________ Carolina” “ where the Cloze is the English word “South.”

There is some validity in hearing one’s own language through the accent of a native speaker, but my feeling is these are a waste of time and should be weeded out from the learning database, and so am reporting them where I see them. I “ignore” them as well of course.

Are others doing the same? Are there any standards for reporting?

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Elvis and Bud make me smile a bit but they don’t worry me or detract from my learning in any way; if anything they help it and give me the occasional boost that I’ve got something right first time:-) The aim I think (for me anyway) is to understand the whole sentence, not just the missing word. English words occasionally happen in real life and often give me a clue as to what my friends are saying, so I tend to appreciate them if I’m feeling a bit lost in a conversation.

I only ever report the few words that are totally inaudible. Generally I just move on to the next sentence as next time around my hearing might have tuned into the mystery word;-)


Thanks for the insight. If the entire phrase is in Italian sans one or two words I might take your approach. I did torpedo Elvis however, as an entire “sentence” consisting entirely of one (famous!) American name seemed a bridge too far to me.

It is what it is. And it’s in beta so who knows how it will turn out. Have to say I thoroughly enjoy the challenge.