Cloze listening - Italian experience

I don’t know about you, but I’m greatly enjoying this listening option. I started with just a couple of voices but now try and do 10. One thing I’ve learnt is to be confident and write what I *think I hear.

The number of times I say “No, I’m sure that’s wrong” only to find I was right is extraordinary. So I risk it now and just do it, bingo, I’m right and I’ve learnt a new word. (Miguel green-tie-guy quietly celebrates with me:-)

(Should this go towards our daily goal, do you think?)

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Same :slight_smile: Because you actually have to press “end round” at some point, I can easily end up doing 30-40, even if I only set out to do a few.

And indeed, I happened to get things correct where I had no idea, I just typed what I thought I heard, expecting it to be hugely incorrect, but wow, spot on!

The only thing I wish is that you could review them somewhere afterwards (e.g. to see an overview of the sentences you listened to in the round, or to see an overview of all sentences listened to).


Ciao. Hopefully you get the same - at the end of my ten, I scroll down and there is a fabulous full list of every sentence with the correct word. Until the feature is perhaps refined, I’m taking a screenshot to keep. Works a treat.

A dopo…

Yes, I just realised there is a list at the end after all, I guess perhaps I exit by going to dashboard normally perhaps, because I’m never sure if end round erases the one I just did… It’s just there’s no overview after that. But a screenshot sounds useful solution for the moment indeed, grazie for the idea!

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