Cine nu vrea să lucreze, nici să nu mănînce.

Some of your Romanian sentences use the ‘old’ spelling. As i understand it, in the newer spelling, the last word of the sentence should read: “mănânce” as the “î” is used only to begin words. (I set up “mănânce” as an alternative spelling to be accepted, but i didn’t want to report this as an error, as the sentence would drop out of my rotation.) Thanks.

(Incidentally, it would be good if there were access to the Romanian diacritics when writing comments (or reporting translation errors/alternate spellings). Right now the only way i can get diacritics is to copy and paste. Thanks.)

Hi, thank you for your message and feedback on the Romanian language. I have added the Romanian diacritics to our to-do list!

Thank you again and have a great day!

Georgiana @Clozemaster

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And, the issue about needing accents or diacritics would affect any and all languages that use them. French, for instance. i know that the absence of those boxes has discouraged me from using the ‘report errors’ or ‘add alternative answers’ features in French, also.

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