Ci sono state molte lamentele negli ultimi giorni circa la quantità di rumore proveniente dal suo appartamento.

English Translation

There have been a lot of complaints in the last few days about the amount of noise coming from your apartment.

I was suprised by the “circa” here. I would have expected “sulla”,
So the Italian “circa” has the same double usage as the English “about” as in

  1. about ten miles
  2. a book about chemisty?
    I am asking because in German “circa” is used only in the first sentence.

Yes, it seems that it does, though I hadn’t realised it before.

According to WordReference, “circa” can mean both “about, around, approximately” and “regarding, having to do with”.


Mille grazie Davide. A very useful new word per noi.

Ahimè, I will make many errors today as I have one eye on Cloze and the other on the rugby in Roma!