Ci siamo rilassati in giardino.

This exercise won’t let me enter the correct answer.

Ciao. I can’t find this under Search. Is this Ital from Eng or Eng from Italian? I do remember that sometimes we need to use “yard”, the American term for garden. It has caught me out a couple of times. Tell us more if you can. Ciao!

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Thank you for your reply. I speak English and I’m learning Italian. “Yard” is not the same as “garden” in American English.

Hi. I mentioned “yard” as twice I have had to enter this instead of garden on the reverse course. American friends refer to their garden as yard but perhaps they’re from a different State.

Can you tell us the word that had to be entered?

Have a good day.

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Thanks for your response. If I recall correctly, the missing word was “rilassati.” A garden and a yard are two different things in American English.

Will look out for “rilassati” and shout No! when I have to type yard;-)

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Webster gives as the second meaing of yard: " the grounds immediately surrounding a house that are usually covered with grass".
That’s not much of a garden, but …

But that is not the interesting point here.
Actually, “garden” and “yard” are related words. Both derive from the old English “geard” and finally the indoeuropean “ghorto” (compare latin hortus).
So maybe not the perfect translation, but at least easy to remember.