Chissà quanto vorrebbe queste ali!

English Translation

I wonder how it would be to have wings!

Is the avere missing in the original sentence?

In this case, the Italian is the original sentence, and the English is the translation (or interpretation).
Chissà quanto vorrebbe queste ali! - Italian example sentence - Tatoeba

More literally it seems to be “Who knows how much she/he would want these wings!”
So, is the English translation a reasonable interpretation?

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I was trying to match the English translation with the original sentence something like : Chissà quanto vorrebbe avere queste ali!- I wonder how it would be to have those wings! It seems like “avere” belongs there. Of course, I could be wrong.

Here’s a little story I’ve made up, that uses this sentence in a different context (apologies for any grammatical or vocabulary errors) -

Siamo fate e folletti, le più gentile creature in tutto il mondo. Tutti noi possiamo volare, e la strega maledetta ci odia por questo dono che possediamo.
Chissà quanto vorrebbe queste ali!


Gosh! One thing is for sure - someone wrote a story in Italian for me! I love it and is very handy now when I absolutely cannot fall asleep. Thank you for giving the sentence in question some context. For some reason that chissà and the rest do not sit well with my current feel of Italian. I will come back to it later. Your translation is better in my view, who knows how much she , the strega, would want these wings! I do like it! Thanks!


@zzcguns Mille grazie - great example. I’m with you here.