Chiedi alle mie labbra.

“labbra” - plural of “labbro”

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@morbrorper. Mille grazie! Would this be like saying “Watch my lips!”

Good weekend!

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Tatoeba translates this as “Ask my lips”. That’s all I know.

And a good, studious, weekend to you, @Floria7 :wink:

English Translation

Ask my lips.

It seems to be the Italian translation of a Tagore poem (The Gardener 39):

“It is evening, and the time for the flowers to close their petals:
Give me leave to sit by your side, and bid my lips to do the work
that can be done in silence and in the dim light of stars.”

“Scintillante pomeriggio. E’ sera, è l’ora in cui i fiori
chiudono le loro corolle. Permettimi di restare al tuo fianco
e chiedi alle mie labbra di fare ciò che si può fare
in silenzio e alla debole luce delle stelle.”