Che cosa farete?

“What would you do?”

I think it should be “fareste”, not “farete”.


Interestingly on Tatoeba there are two English translations linked to this sentence:

“What are you going to do?”
“What will you make?”

Both of which make sense for this sentence.

However, “What would you do” isn’t linked there.

Wait, I’ve just noticed that is because @morbrorper has unlinked it in November 2020. I’m still meaning to get my head wrapped around actually contributing there at some point…

Also, it seems that it’s only this one specific English sentence (What would you do? - English example sentence - Tatoeba) which has this issue
Sentences with: =what =would =you =do - Tatoeba
and if I’m interpreting it correctly, it is because the Italian translations were linked to it via a French translation?

Anyway, all the other translations seem agreed that it should indeed be “fareste”. (And “farete” reserved for the two translations given above)


Actually, I believe it began with a mistake in the translation from French to Italian, and, since there were no direct translations between Italian and English, the mistake was carried over via French.

It is true, I did correct this at one time, but now I see that I missed a whole bunch of similar phrases all having the same problem. ;(