Centinaia di città hanno subito dei danni.

“Centinaia” - plural of “centinaio”

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Pay attention to the pronunciation of “subito”; this is not the adverb but the past participle of “subire”, so the stress should lie on the penultimate syllable. Unless I’m mistaken.


Spot on, also according to the wiktionary: subito - Wikizionario

English Translation

Hundreds of cities and towns suffered damage.

This one is the excellent example of the importance of the correct accent placement. Put sùbito in there and you will not get the meaning of subìto(p.pass. subìre-suffer, undergo, endure) but some strange right away there. But! Do not try conjugating subìre in reverso. You will get sùbito accross the board. (my crying and laughing faccia inserted here) As always, correct me if I am wrong. Also ,when I added this sentence to my collection ,it started saying incorrect sùbito. Pattern here? Or some would say: algorithm?