"Berapa umurnya?" "Dia duabelas tahun."

English Translation

“How old is she?” “She is twelve years old.”

{{Duabelas}} is a typo. It should be “dua belas” in two words.

The Indonesian sentence was updated by the Clozemaster admin on October 2, 2022.

Old: “Berapa umurnya?” “Dia {{duabelas}} tahun.”

New: “Berapa umurnya?” “Dia dua belas {{tahun}}.”

The typo is now fixed. But why did the admin change the cloze-word to {{tahun}} (meaning: “year”)? It’s not the most difficult word. Please change it to {{belas}}.
Also, 50K Most Common Collection incorporated the updated one, but Fluency Fact Track hasn’t done yet.