Beranak dalam kubur.

English Translation

Bear in the grave.

The pair should be entirely removed from the lesson. “Beranak dalam kubur” means “to give birth in a grave”. The root word “anak” is “child/children”. I looked up the phrase and it turned out that “beranak dalam kubur” is a title of a horror movie (see IMDb and Wikipedia). But the phrase doesn’t make any sense.

The Indonesian sentence and the English translation were updated by the Clozemaster admin on October 2, 2022.

Old: {{Beranak}} dalam kubur. = Bear in the grave.

New: Beranak dalam kubur {{adalah}} film horor. = Birth in the Grave is a horror film.

The new pair makes more sense, but why did the admin change the cloze-word from {{beranak}} to {{adalah}}? “Adalah” means “is/am/are”, which is one of 100 most common words. But it still belongs to 50K collection. Don’t change the cloze-word, please.

Also, 50K Most Common Collection incorporated the updated one, but Fluency Fact Track hasn’t done yet.