Basta con 'sto coso.

[details=“English Translation”]-That’s enough! Switch it off!

“Basta con questo coso”. This needs explaining I think. I read it as “Enough of this thing!” Not sure what it has to do with switching off?


The Italian sentence doesn’t actually say anything about turning the “thingy” off, but it asks to stop using it.

It sounds like something an exasperated parent could say to their child loudly playing with some toy.

“Bastare” as a verb means to be enough, but it can be used as an exclamation “Basta!” in the sense “That’s enough!” and it is also used when you want someone to stop doing something.

It can be rude to use e.g. when you say “Basta con questa lagna!” to someone listening to music you don’t like, but it can be used in normal conversation as well, for example if someone is offering to pour water or wine for you, you can say “basta cosi’ grazie!” to refuse.


Hi Mike. Happy with the basta, it was the 'sto coso that threw me a bit. “Thingy” is such a handy little word;-)

Have a good day👋