banzu fa lo dei nu tavla

English Translation

Enough of all this talking!

“banzu fa lo dei nu tavla” is a sentence in Lojban, a constructed language. Let’s break down each piece of the sentence.

  • “banzu” is the predicate which means “sufficient” or “enough.”
  • “fa” expresses that the next term is the subject of the sentence.
  • “lo” is the equivalent of the English article “the.”
  • “dei” means “the current event,” referring to the event currently being talked about or happening.
  • “nu” converts the following verb into a gerund or event, somewhat equivalent to “-ing” in English.
  • “tavla” is the verb meaning “talk” or “speak.”

So, altogether, “banzu fa lo dei nu tavla” can be roughly translated to “The act of speaking that is happening now is sufficient.” In other words, it’s a way of saying that the current conversation or discussion is enough.

It’s important to note that translating Lojban to English isn’t always straightforward because the languages have different structures and concepts; the above explanation is an attempt to approximate the meaning of the Lojban sentence in English.