Azi nu e ziua ta.

English Translation

Today is not your day.

“Azi nu e ziua ta” is a Romanian phrase that translates directly to “Today is not your day” in English. Let’s break down the sentence to understand the grammar and vocabulary:

Azi (today) - This is an adverb of time. It is used to indicate that the action or state is happening on the current day.

nu (not) - This word is an adverb of negation. It is used to negate or contradict the statement that follows.

e (is) - This is the third person singular form of the verb "a fi" (to be) in the present tense. In a formal or literary context, 'este' might be used instead of 'e', but in spoken Romanian, 'e' is commonly used.

ziua (day) - This is a feminine noun in the nominative case, meaning "day". It represents the object of the sentence and is the thing that is being referred to as not belonging to the listener.

ta (your) - This is a second person singular possessive adjective, shortened from 'tale'. It modifies the noun 'ziua' to indicate possession. The full version 'tale' can be used for emphasis or in a more formal context.

Put together, “Azi nu e ziua ta” means that whatever is happening on the current day is not favorable to the person being spoken to, or that it’s not their turn for something. It can be used either literally, to signify that it is not, for example, their birthday, or more often, metaphorically, to express that they are not having good luck or success on

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