Avresti dovuto accettarlo il suo consiglio.

English Translation

You should have accepted his advice., You should have accepted her advice.

Here we go. Hello from conditional collections! Avresti dovuto accettare -no problem, avresti dovuto accetarlo - why is lo here if we know it is il consiglio?
( It my first day in this collection, hence a shy smiley face inserted here).

I see and hear quite a difference between “I should have accepted your advice” and “I should have accepted it, your advice!”

That’s my take anyway. It sounds better too:-)

Ok. Just making sure it is not some major grammar rule I am missing in this new setting.

In case you’re interested, there is an excellent grammar book to download “Modern Italian Grammar, a practical guide” by Proudfoot and Cardo. It came highly recommended and has helped me a lot.


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I got my early Christmas gift today : a paperback copy of Proudfoot and Cardo third edition of “Modern Italian Grammar”. I love it already! Thanks a lot Floria7!


@barcarolle Bravo Babo Natale! Glad to hear it’s helping. Have a good rest of the settimana;-)