Auf die Schnelle kann man keine gute Arbeit leisten.

English Translation

If you want to do a good job, don’t rush through it.

I’m curious about the prepositional phrase. It seems to mean something like “in regard to”. Is “auf” used this way with other concepts?


You are right. “Auf die Schnelle” is really a strange expression.
“Schnelle” as a noun of “schnell” is not used in any other context.

“Auf” is used here similar to “auf diese Weise / auf diese Art” = “in this way”.

There are some similar constructions in other colloquialisms, e.g.
“Auf Deuvel komm raus” (lit. on that the devil might appear) =“come hell or high water”
“Auf Biegen und Brechen” (lit. on that it may bend or break") =“it’s make or break”)
“Auf Gedeih und Verderb” (lit on that it may prosper or perish) =“root, hog or die”.

Please note that my translations are just proposals, that should get “the spirit” of the expressions across.


not to forget “Auf Wiedersehen” :smiley:

You could also say “Auf unsere Freundschaft” (here’s to our friendship) when toasting. I think this is actually “wir trinken auf unsere Freundschaft”.

There aren’t many that come to mind…


Yes, of course. “Auf Wiedersehen.” How could it forget?
The simplest example is the best. :clap: :clap: :clap:

There aren’t many that come to mind…

In the meantime I’ve come up with a few more examples with auf:

Ich wollte mal auf einen Kaffee vorbeischauen. - I wanted to drop by for a coffee.
Auf ein Wort! - Let’s talk! / We need to talk.
Auf ein Neues. - Let’s try/do it again.
Auf dass ihr immer glücklich seid. - (obsolete syn. of damit - so that) May you always be happy.
Auf keinen Fall! - No way! / Under no circumstances. / That is out of the question.
Auf jeden Fall! - Absolutely!
Auf freiem Fuß(e) - to be on the loose
Auf einmal - suddenly
Ach, auf einmal fällt’s dir wieder ein. - Oh, now you remember! (I know you knew it all along, you just pretended not to know it)
Auf gut Glück! - Google’s search button “I’m feeling lucky”

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