Aspetta un attimo. Te ne preparo un po'.

English Translation

Wait for a while. I’ll make you some.

I’ll make . Preparerò?

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In Italian the present tense can also be used for events in the (near) future.

Not sure about the credibility of these sources, but just to give some idea about this, a quick search on this turned up the following:



And a very interesting one with little diagrams showing timelines of past, present, and future and how the correspond to the various Italian tenses, here:


Sindaco! Thank you for posting your reply. It is always good to see the grammar material from other sources. I should do this work myself. For some reason , going ahead through the questions, I feel like a kid back in school with the ton of questions needing the immediate answers from the teacher. Non ci sono cure per il carattere.:stuck_out_tongue:

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