Asciugati le lacrime.

English Translation

Wipe your tears.

This imperative should be stressed a‧sciù‧ga‧ti, unless I’m utterly mistaken.

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Ciao @system One or two translators give me asciugàti so perhaps @mike-lima can help. I’m with you on this one;-)

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Hi @Floria7, the accent moves depending on the meaning:

“Asciùgati le lacrime”: In this case, it is the imperative form of “asciugarsi”, and the tonic accent falls on the third to last syllable.

“I piatti devono ancora essere asciugàti”: In this case it is the past participle of “asciugare”, and it uses the common second to last syllable stress accent.

Edit: small correction to note that Asciùgati" is for the reflexive form of the verb.


We thank you @mike-lima. System è in gamba no👍!

System è morbrorper:-)


How about this simple rule: “Whenever in doubt, ask yourself how to stress the corresponding ‘-mi’ imperative” (“asciùgami” :+1: or “asciugàmi” :-1:). The stress pattern should be the same.