Arrête. Ça chatouille !

The word “chatouille” (meaning “tickles”) has two different pronunciations depending on which sentence it is in (there are 5 sentences in the French from English collection containing this word), and whether it is spoken with the male or female voice.

To take an English approximation, sometimes it is pronounced like shat-oo-y (which I believe to be correct), and sometimes like shat-wee.

As an example of this inconsistency, when I have played this particular sentence “Arrête. Ça chatouille !”, the male voice pronounces it as shat-oo-y, and the female voice pronounces it as shat-wee.

On my device, both the male and the female voice pronounce it to rhyme with ‘ratatouille’, which I believe is correct.

Tested in Vivaldi browser on “moto g(7) power”, Android 10.

Hi @morbrorper, thanks for checking this out on your device.

For anyone else reading this, would that be the French or English pronunciation of ‘ratatouille’ ? This gentleman demonstrates the difference.

I have a similar phone, a Moto g(9) play running Android 10, so I’ve checked what I hear in Chrome and I’ve made a recording here on Soundcloud.

Hopefully, it’s possible to hear the different pronunciations. I certainly hear a distinction between the two voices, in that the lady’s voice is saying shat-wee and the gentleman’s voice is saying shat-oo-y.

Since the voices that are recorded here are the same as the ones that I hear on my laptop (Microsoft Surface Book running Windows 10, using Microsoft Edge as my browser), I believe that they are the standard Clozemaster voices. (I seem to recall a discussion where it was stated that these are the voices from Amazon Polly).

To tell the truth, I may be hearing the same voices as you, it’s only that my brain isn’t able to tell the difference between the two pronunciations. :wink: