Är du klar, Tom?

English Translation

Are you done, Tom?

2 out of 3 machine translation sites translate this as “are you ready”. Could you please explain how we get to “done” ?

Let’s suppose the speaker knew Tom had been busy working on some background task, they could ask, “Are you ready?” or “Are you done (doing whatever it was that you were doing)?” with the same meaning.


Hmmm - i can just about see that one, but it seems an odd way to use Klar (to me) and I bet that I don’t remember it again. Will make notes! Thank you. T

“Klar” and “färdig” är practically synonymous in modern Swedish. If you really want to ask if Tom is ready for something, you can use “redo”: “är du redo för en ny utmaning, Tom?”.

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