Apple io17 software update improves Clozemaster experience

For people working on their iPhones in “popular” languages, like French, the accents system worked well enough. Pressing the a or the e key would reveal the accents you need.

But working in Romanian, there were some accents, like î, but not the ă needed for just a good chunk of verbs and adjectives; or other frequently used symbols such as ț or ș . Until this week’s io17 upgrade.

So I’m sure Apple didn’t do it for the massive Romanian-speaking world, but they have perhaps inadvertently improved the utility of the mobile version of Clozemaster for me.


I noticed sometimes it wouldn’t pick all the Romanian accents right… for example “broască țestoasă” there was something with the “ț” - for whatever reason the character used in the sentence wasn’t the same as the character on the iPhone keyboard - even if it looked like it. Must have come from a different language’s alphabet (Turkish?) but for whatever reason they were seen as not the same. Do you know if this got fixed too?


Good Q. The iPhone update has both versions, meaning that Romanians can have their ș, and that other language their ş. Which is good.

Now, this doesn’t fix what I recall to be a problem that the full keyboard version of Clozemaster had (in my view, improperly) some of the non-Romanian ş keyed into the Romanian Clozes we were meant to input. Perhaps that problem has already been fixed as I don’t recall running into it lately.