Apakah kamu tidak menyukai softball?

English Translation

Don’t you like baseball?

Oh no! Softball and baseball are different sports! Besides, “sofbol” is the correct spelling.

The Indonesian sentence was updated by the Clozemaster admin on September 25, 2022.

Old: Apakah kamu tidak menyukai {{softball}}? = Don’t you like baseball?

New: Apakah kamu tidak {{menyukai}} softball? = Don’t you like softball?

The Indonesian sentence changed the cloze-word, but {{menyukai}} (to like) is such a common word that it shouldn’t belong to 20K Most Common Collection.
Moreover, the correct spelling is {{sofbol}}, according to KBBI. Please correct it properly.

Also, 20K Most Common Collection incorporated the updated one, but Random Collection and Fluency Fact Track haven’t done yet.