Angkat kepalamu.

English Translation

Turn on your back.

The Indonesian-English pair doesn’t match, according to an Indonesian native speaker and a Malay speaker who is also fluent in Indonesian.

“Angkat kepalamu” means “Raise your head!” – A typical situation for this sentence is like this: You are so sleepy that you are diving your head into a desk during a class, and your teacher tells you “Wake up!”

Here are alternative translations proposed by responders on HiNative:

Balik badan! = (lit.) Turn your body!

Berbalik punggung!" – Note: “berbalik” is interchangeable with “membalikkan” and “berpaling”.

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The English translation was updated by the Clozemaster admin on September 25, 2022.

Old: Turn on your back.

New: Raise your head.

2K Most Common Collection incorporated the updated one, but Random Collection and Fluency Fact Track haven’t done yet.

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