Andrete in America il mese prossimo?

English Translation

Will you go to America next month?

How are we to know if you plural or singular is required. Please indicate with pl. or sing. Otherwise there is no way to know.

Hi. As soon as I see the verb ending here I know that it is (voi) andrete (future) which I take as plural.

I think the problem here is that if the cloze is {{Andrete}} you could both “Andrai” and “Andrete” are valid answer.

But I do not think it is a big problem – doesn’t the cloze turn green when it is correct?

Also, this problem is all due to English. It’s not our fault the perfectly serviceable “thou” went out of fashion! :smiley:


And andrà, right?

I think Clozemaster could use the grammar breakdown software to deduce the desired number and person, and display that as an automated hint.

That depends on what input hint settings are in effect; are they enabled by default? Also, they don’t help when doing multiple-choice input.


But then, how likely is it to have a tile for each of them?

Also: you can edit the sentence and add the alternative answer(s).