An manchen Orten ist die Natur durch menschliches Handeln bedroht.

“In many places” = “An manchen Orten” or “An mehreren Orten”?

Yeah, I often translate “manchen” as “some”. It’s interesting though because I think “manchen” has a connotation of the thing being slightly more numerous or common than the word “some” in English; it’s not a one-to-one correspondence. Like both are pretty vague words covering a broad range of frequencies, but I think the word “manche” is less likely to include the less-probable-cases than the word “some”, if that makes sense?

I’m not a native speaker though so please correct me if this is wrong.

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It depends on context, I’d say. English is not my native language, so where you may struggle with precisely narrowing down ‘manche’, I struggle with ‘some’ for the same reason.