Amo il chili.

I wonder how “chili” is pronounced by people; as the plural of “chilo” or as in Spanish.

Ciao morbrorper. I presume we pronounce it “kìli”. Non mi piacciono i chili dopo la zuppa inglese :-)))

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Ideally you wouldn’t pronounce it either way; in Italian the relevant word would be peperoncino. See: Peperoncino - Wikipedia but note also the page that you arrive on when you change to the English language version via the link on the left. In a restaurant in San Marino a couple of years back one of our party (who does not speak Italian) asked the waiter (who spoke little English) for some chilli oil (olio al peperoncino) using the English pronunciation which sounds like “Chilly”. The waiter, rather confused, thought that she was asking for cherries (ciliegie). I don’t remember what she was having, but the addition of ciliegie instead of dell’olio al peperoncino would have been gastronomically “interesting”. Friends don’t let friends order “chilli” while in The Boot.


I actually assumed they meant the dish “chili” (like “chili con carne”), also because of the “il” article , thus pronouncing it like ˈtʃili, but I am definitely agreed with the sentiment of "friends don’t let friends order chili [cherries]’, what an unexpected turn of events that must have been to all!