Alle, die größer als eine Meile sind, haben den Gerichtssaal sofort zu verlassen.

is this idiomatic in german or just nonsense?

Just nonsense. I’ve never heard that saying.

Please cite the English version, so that we can look for a translation error.

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According to the English translation on Tatoeba it is rule 42 from Alice in Wonderland -

  • “Anyone taller than a mile must leave the court immediately.”

I believe that the “court” in Alice in Wonderland is a royal court ( Hof ?) rather than a court of law.

Does this help?


Okay. Nonsense in Alice in Wonderland is not nonsense at all!


It is indeed a court of law. It’s from chapter 12 “Alice’s Evidence”.

The sentence in question can be found on page 110 in this PDF:


Ah, thank you.

I saw that there was a King and Queen involved, and I therefore assumed that it was a royal court.

Thanks for pointing that out.

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