Alguém chamado assim queria te ver.

The audio (female voice, I haven’t checked the male voice) doesn’t match the sentence. The audio is for the sentence in Tatoeba #886712 (the sentence referenced in the “Sentence Source” link for this sentence).

Sentence #886712 is “Alguém chamado Henry queria te ver”.

Now I’m sure that the underlying reason for this error is therefore immediately obvious to anyone.

Henry? … … really?!? … … Henry? … … is that some sort of joke??? … … Henry?


It has to be Tom.

As the original sentence contained “Henry”, the computer must have become incredibly confused and changed the word to “assim” to avoid a system-wide failure.

Having the audio corrected to match the written sentence would be helpful for everyone (including the rather confused computer), I think.

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This sentence from Tatoeba is also present in the Portuguese from Spanish course, but there it has retained its original form (with Henry). Weird!

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