Aku suka pada olahraga adalah berkat Ayahku.

English Translation

I love sports. I get that from my father.

Aku suka pada olahraga karema Ayahku. — that’s far more natural

Good to see you back to the Indonesian forum. :smiley:
Check out the sentence source. The original author has already changed it to

Aku suka olahraga. Itu menurun dari ayahku.
(Note: “Ayah” shouldn’t be capitalized in the middle of the sentence.)

As you pointed out, I also found “berkat” awkward in this context. The primary meaning of “berkat” is “blessing by God” and it is often translated as “thanks to X”. “as a result of X” or “because of X”. To be a sports fan or not doesn’t bear the connotation of “thank God”.
“Menurun” in the updated translation means “to descend”, so “menurun” sounds much better than “berkat”.