Aika kulkee hitaasti.

English Translation

The clock is slow.

Finnish translation: Time goes by slowly.

That’s not at all the same, is it?


I’m not sure if I understand the English translation correctly, but I think its the same. What would you suggest? Perhaps “time moves slowly” or “time passes slowly”? I suppose all these could be possible.

Time moves slowly: You are bored or waiting for something, and it feels like an eternity.

The clock is slow: The clock displays the wrong time. E.g. it is 10:10, but the clock shows 10:05.


Did it have something about a clock? In that case it is wrong. This is about time.

The English sentence has the word “clock” in it. So why are you aksing if it’s about a clock?

The sentences are from tatoeba. The English sentence was there first, talking about a slow clock. Then the Finnish translation was added but failed to reproduce the meaning, because it talks about time.

I’m asking because I can’t see it here. I’m not doing Finnish on Clozemaster. I just saw the message which said the Finnish one is ”aika kulkee hitaasti” and the English one is ”time goes by slowly”. I thought you meant that those are not the same and reacted on that.

When you create a comment, the original english sentence is by default (if you don’t delete it) included as an expandable/collapsible quote. There’s an arrow that you can click to unfold the quote. Do you not have that? Maybe you are on mobile and it doesn’t show up?

Ah, yes, that’s probably the reason. I’m indeed on mobile.