Ah, vous voudriez qu'on travaille à l'œil aussi, et puis quoi encore ?

Is the translation given correct? “You expect us to work on the house, too? What next!”

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Not really, no…

“à l’œil” is an expression to say “for free”. It comes from the Middle Ages when merchants gave loans to clients based on how they looked like. With time, this expression simply meant “for free”.

However “on the house” implies at the expense of the establishment and is usually used for food or drinks. Not really for services…

At first I thought the English sentence meant “You expect us to repair/fix/improve the house, too?”…

Apparently, the Fr sentence came first on Tatoeba.


“Repair/fix/improve” was the meaning I was trying to find in the French sentence. “For free” didn’t occur to me.

Much appreciated!