Advanced search queries and Apply action for all the outcome


I’m using Anki to review the sentences whose cloze I have already mastered. In order to do so, I fav those sentences and download them as a .csv. However, I need to find each not favorited mastered sentence in the navigator and fav them one by one (indeed, when I apply the fav action to sentences that are also in my favorites those sentences are removed from that collection). That being said, I would like to know: first, if there is a way of using advanced search queries to return all the sentences that are mastered but not favorite; and second, if it would possible to apply the fav action to the entire outcome instead of doing that page by page (or worse, one by one).

Thanks in advance


I would be very interested if this could be done for any of the actions that are available as options for “Apply to all selected:” in the Advanced Search panel (i.e. not only “Favorite” but also “Master”, “Ignore” etc.).

I’ll begin by saying that being able to do things page-by-page is better than one-by-one, and I’m very happy that there is an option to speed up these administrative tasks. However, I still find it a little tedious to have to do the following - click the checkbox for “Apply to all selected:”, choose the option, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, click “Next”, and then repeat … and repeat … and repeat etc., for every page.

I would find it very convenient to have the ability to apply these options to all search results, without having to do so using page-by-page (or one-by-one).

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Need the possibility to apply something to all query results too.
No user interface necessary.
Text input like ‘set known to all reviewed > 5’ would be sufficient.