Ach, scheiß drauf.

English Translation

Ah, screw it.

The literal translation of this one always makes me laugh, because of the mental imagery involved. Clozemaster is being very polite with the suggested English translation here.

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Cursing adequate to a given situation is an art in every language.

Generally, in Germany until twenty or thirty years ago cursing with a “fecal background” was much more common and less frowned upon than with a “sexual background”.
So basically, “scheß drauf” sounds less crude to German ears than the literal translation of “screw it”.
Nowadays, the f-word and other ones have made broad inroads in German (via youth and music) culture.
Still, e.g. my mother is too polite to call someone “Arschloch”, but she wouldn’t blush hearing someone else saying it. “Wichser” would be another story. On the other hand I don’t think that my students would feel any difference.