Accidentally hitting 'done' on on-screen keyboard

I have been thinking lately about how Clozemaster could be further improved. The new updates are amazing. The calendar, the charts. It’s all great and very useful.

I should have mentioned this sooner. This, I would say is a big deal. If I’ve experienced this, definitely others have experienced this issues too. There’s no doubt.

When I use the Clozemaster mobile app, the “done” button on my pop up keyboard will hit the “submit” button. This makes sense logically - I completely understand why it was made like that. However, on my device, I sometimes hit it accidentally because the ‘done’ button is immediately below the backspace key. This results in quite a few ‘false negatives’, so to speak. I’m not sure how you would fix this other than disabling what the ‘done’ button triggers within the Clozemaster app. Maybe there’s a more creative and effective solution.

I’ve thought about this - when I’ve touched ‘backspace’, it’s when I’m trying to ‘troubleshoot’ the spelling of a word. Oftentimes I will know what word is the right one - but there will be an element of the spelling that I am not sure of. Also… I do this when I am not sure which verb form to use. In Italian, the equivalent of “he/she/it” (3rd person) is also used to be a more formal version of “singular you” (second person). It’s a strange concept, but you won’t be able to tell just by looking at the sentence in Clozemaster. You need to be familliar with the concept, first of all, and you need to try both forms of the verb. Sometimes, it’s even the plural form. So an answer could possibly be three different verb forms. This is why I need to use the backspace key… because sometimes I look at a sentence, and I think “It could either be the informal verb, the formal verb, or the plural verb depending on the context of this sentence.” And that, is one of the shortcomings of Clozemaster. It throws sentences at you, but you don’t know what the context of the sentence is. Is it a man or a woman speaking? Who are they speaking to? All of these things would affect the words used in the sentence. This realization may point towards another solution.

Has this ever happened to you while using the Clozemaster mobile application?

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