A sad and sudden goodbye

I have not been in the forum in the last few weeks and I will soon disappear from CM altogether.

The reason is that after the discussion about “NSFW” content, I am receiving hate emails not via CM but to my normal email account referring to my point of view in this discussion.
Senders are accussing me of being godless (“burn in hell”; okay, I am agnostic) and being a child molester (“Kinderficker”, a gross distortion of my comments).
There were so far 14 of these mails, the last one this morning.

I was careless twice: Being frank on an obvoiusly sensitive topic and given away snippets of my CV so that people could find me.

I learned a lot here and I really enjoyed discussing language here in the forum.

So thanks once more to (nearly) all of you. :cry:

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@anon94972132 oh no, I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Please don’t go, seriously we need you here. Best regards,

That is horrifying! I am so very sorry this happened to you. That kind of bullying behavior is reprehensible.

Perhaps consider making a new more private account and rejoining with no personal identifiers?

This is very disturbing, and I’m really sorry that this should happen to you or anyone on this site. What’s wrong with these people?

Anyway, I hope you will come back when you feel comfortable again, which I hope is soon. It’s always been a pleasure seeing you around.


I’m sorry you’re experiencing this problem. Several things you can do:

  • Report the problem to mike or Clozemaster in general (via the “Contact” link at the bottom of the page).

  • Write a rule in your e-mail client to immediately move messages from this sender (assuming they’re sending them to you directly) into another folder. Then, once that’s working, don’t look at the folder.

  • Set up another (more private) profile with no personal identifiers, as @Dcarl1 suggested.

Good luck.

I always found your comments in the German section to be very helpful and educational. It’s unfortunate that there are jerks in every corner of the internet. Leb wohl!


That’s appalling. Regardless of where one stands on the NSFW issue (I’m somewhat in the middle for reasons that aren’t germane at the moment), people shouldn’t be subject to abuse for arguing a point of view. However anything that has even the vaguest whiff of (anti)social media will bring these people out of their holes, which is why I make a clear and impermeable separation between any site that I’m on (including CM), and my non-CM life.

Still, CM GENERALLY seems to attract a better class of person (unlike, say, sites which enjoy the company of owls) so this is PROBABLY just one person. That being the case and with your personal e-mail cat being out of the bag to that person already (meaning that they could continue to send you messages even if you left)… I do hope you change your mind about leaving.

@alanf_us offered some good advice, to which I’d add:

Also supply the e-mail address that they’re sending from. If they’re stupid enough to use one which is linked to their account then… appropriate action can be taken, though in reality it’s probably a “burner” gmail / outlook etc account.

Or, make it a rule to autodelete them. You could also base the rule on certain key words or phrases. Outlook, Gmail and most modern clients support this. That way they’re just yelling into an empty sky.

The only issue with that is that either (a) all history and progress will be lost or (b) If Mike is able to transfer the history to the new profile it would be possible for stalker-boy to identify MRgK’s new profile from the scores and leaderboard positions. (Though making the profile private and disabling leaderboard participation for a month or two until this blows over would negate that.)


The mention of an owl rang many a bell! Let’s hope we hear from MRgK again soon, somehow or other.