A question for those on the Romanian board: have you found errors?

Quick question.

There’s one kind of error I find that keeps repeating: I see sentences that instead of having a gap, or cloze, for one of the words…I see the sentence typed twice, with no cloze in either version, and the blank box in between the two sentences. As a result, there is no context to fill in the cloze. I must have reported this type of error fifty or a hundred times… and today, working through sentences after the fluency fast track (meaning i might be one of the first people through this territory on the relatively sparse Romanian board) I got three of these ‘double entry’ sentences in a segment of ten sentences. Has anyone else had this experience?

I guess others haven’t seen this…

At this point, I have detected (and reported) errors of this type hundreds of times. Possibly 300 times or more.
The error always occurs in a sentence where there is a hyphenated word (which in Romanian is a contraction of two words like “intr-un.”) One would think the error was created by a software glitch that could be fixed? And there are hyphenated words in other languages so that the problem must have occurred elsewhere (and likely fixed?)…

Fixed later in the year. Thanks.